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Our Services

  • Chemical Marketing

    Tierra Chemicals sell products on behalf of manufacturers and provide them with relevant market information such as trends and patterns of consumption.

    We offer market research on new products (chemicals) that need introduction into the market.

    Tierra Chemicals Zimbabwe provides assistance in the conducting of laboratory trials and plant trials for new products.

  • Quality Assurance

    Tierra Chemicals Zimbabwe ensure that all products that are sold should have the proper documentation and meet the customer specification.

    We pledge to assist customers in the understanding of our chemicals and also how we can work together to improve the quality of the end product of the process.

  • Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment Consultancy

    At customers invitation, Tierra Chemicals Zimbabwe can supply information on how best industrial and municipal water can be treated.

    A range of mocculants are also available for us to be able to deal with particular requirements of each customer.

  • Mining Chemicals 

    Tierra Chemicals Zimbabwe has experienced personnel who can recommend the right type of chemicals to be used in he following scenarios

    1. Laboratory reagents for mining labs.

    2. Process chemicals for elution plants in the case of gold.

    3. Customers can request specific studies on their operations, which we can carry out.

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